Now my poem is in a book about how we’ll do it together.

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In January 2019, I was hired by a start-up developing technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I felt called, like I’d been led to that moment from my college homework to failed doctorate to awful jobs, and I threw myself into the work. For the first time, I was on fire with passion for my career.

It took about six months for disillusionment to creep in and another three for things to start coming apart. After a year, the company dissolved. Of course, there were many reasons…

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Trees in my neighborhood.

It’s not my job to care about climate change. I’m not a professional activist, journalist, writer, scientist, or educator, nor am I a prominent figure in the global environmental movement, in a government, or in the public square. I worked in green technology for a bit but I don’t anymore.

When the coronavirus shutdown began, I was job hunting, so I don’t know exactly what’s next in my career. However, I’ll probably be doing typical engineering or management work in a cubicle (or via telework). …

Lynna Odel

Lynna Odel is an environmental engineer and mother in Alabama. She loves Twitter and writes at

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